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Raw Materials | Mazatapec

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Mazatapec mexicana is a classic cubensis strain, famous for its spiritual and introspective qualities. Originating in the Mazatec region of southern Mexico, it was one of the first varieties introduced to American psychonauts in the 1950s. It is associated with the shamanistic practices of the Mazatec indigenous people, including famed shaman Maria Sabina.

Mazatapecs are known to produce an introspective trip full of deep spiritual insights. They are of average potency and, as such, are highly recommended for beginners and those looking for a meaningful, transformative experience.One should expect an experience that is akin to an initiation or exploration of esoteric knowledge with less focus on visual distortions. At high doses (5+ grams), gateways between dimensions can open. Entity encounters have been reported.

Dehydrated, unprocessed material. Arrives in sealed pouch. Store in a cool, dry place until the time of consumption. For long-term storage, consider an air-tight jar and desiccant packets.