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Raw Materials | Columbian Rust

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Columbian Rust is a mutation of the original Columbian strain found in the pastureland of the South American country.  The mushrooms feature prominent light yellow caps and long, white stems. The genetic mutation causes them to produce reddish or rust colored spores, which is quite rare amongst cubensis strains.

Columbians are of above average to strong potency. They are known for their intense visuals, though they're also noted to be a low-anxiety strain. This makes them a solid choice for both social trips and solo adventures. This strain is comparable to and, in many cases, stronger than P. Envy according to alkaloid analysis completed by the Oakland Hyphae laboratory. 

Dehydrated, unprocessed material. Arrives in sealed pouch. Store in a cool, dry place until the time of consumption. For long-term storage, consider an air-tight jar and desiccant packets.