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Rhesus Thesis Chocolate Bar || Milk Choc x Reese's

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A blend of Callebaut Belgian milk chocolate, chopped Reese's Pieces, and chopped Reese's cups. The bar is fortified with 4g of ground mushrooms - the mushroom mix optimizes euphoric effect + sensory enhancement.

This bar is named in honor of mushroom legend Terence McKenna, who theorized that early hominids evolved language and higher consciousness after consuming "special" mushrooms in their natural habitat. Whether this is true or not, we applaud his contribution to the field.

 ***Multi-bar discounts are applied automatically on all purchases of 3+ individual bars. Discount applies across flavor selections.***

Micro = 1/2  -  3/4 square

Light / Creative = 1 - 3 squares

Moderate =  4 - 6 squares

Strong = 7 - 9 squares

Heroic = 10+ squares